Head of Practice Igor Bizin took part in the breakfast meeting “Sport in the Context of Sanctions” held by the “Vedomosti” business media.

Igor Bizin, head of practice at Legal Matters, took part in the breakfast meeting “Sport in the Context of Sanctions” that took place at Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow on June 6, 2023.

The Russian professional sport has been subject to numerous investigations, restrictions and sanctions in the recent years. Moreover, during 2022 most sports federations suspended participation of athletes from Russia and Belarus in international competitions. Although many decisions to suspend were challenged following the formal procedure, they nevertheless remained in force.

The main topic of the business meeting were various ways of reacting to restrictions in respect of the Russian sport, including those having legal implication. Among other things, the panel members assumed that challenging any restriction using the available legal remedies makes sense. Besides, they proposed to focus on legal education in the area of sport as well as organize centralized legal support for the Russian athletes at the level of the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation as well as Russian Olympic Committee.

Taking into account the significance of sport for all societies and states at all times, regulation of sport by law is, and has always been, a matter of interest. Accordingly, participating in such events allows to stay aware of the standpoint of the state and sports community with respect to various legal aspects of this area.